Benjamin Schwessinger

Long-Read, long reach bioinformatics

This workshop will cover entry-level bioinformatic tutorials for Long-Read data analysis with particular focus on Oxford Nanopore data.

Keywords: Long-read, genomics, Nanopore, PacBio

Requirements: see

Relevance: This workshop will be most useful to newcomers to long-read sequencing and genomics.

Dr Benjamin Schwessinger

ARC Future Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Australian National University

Benjamin Schwessinger obtained his PhD from the University of East Anglia investigating receptor kinase mediate immune signalling in Arabidopsis. During is postdoc at UC Davis, he focused on immune signalling in rice while being supported by multiple independent fellowships. Benjamin moved to work on the genome biology and evolution of plant pathogenic rust fungi at the ANU, Canberra. For his move he was supported by an ARC DECRA to work with Prof John Rathjen. In 2018, Benjamin became fully independent with an ARC Future Fellowship and he is currently a Senior Lecturer at ANU. His team focuses on genome evolution and host adaptation of rust fungi in addition to other aspects of plant and fungal biology.

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Twitter: @schwessinger