Marc Friedländer

MicroRNAs in space, permafrost and single cells

In this talk I will give a brief introduction to microRNA biology in general, and then present ongoing research in my group, where we leverage our computational expertise to study microRNAs under particularly challenging conditions. These include human astronaut microRNAs extracted in space, canid microRNAs extracted from a >14,000 year old permafrost specimen and mouse microRNAs that we study in single cells that are less than 10 micrometers wide.

Associate Professor Dr. Marc Friedländer

Group leader, Stockholm University/SciLifeLab

Marc Friedländer completed his undergraduate studies with Professor Anders Krogh in Copenhagen and graduate studies with Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky in Berlin, developing miRDeep – a widely used computational method for discovering new microRNA genes from sequencing data. He is now a tenured associate professor at Stockholm University and a SciLifeLab Fellow, leading the Quantitative RNA Biology research group. This team focuses on studying microRNA functions in single cells, funded by an ERC starting grant.

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Twitter: @FriedlanderLab