Nazeefa Fatima

Addressing equity and inclusion in bioinformatics

The number of online tools and resources is increasing day by day, and so is the demand of computational training and education. Given that we live in a digital era, it is becoming more important than ever that every aspiring bioinformatician across the globe has access to the resources and community space they need to build knowledge and develop skills in order to contribute to the field. The talk is focused towards how to make the bioinformatics area more open and welcoming for all. Communities that are working towards developing bioinformatics outreach and knowledge-exchange activities will be highlighted. In addition, the talk will highlight what we, as a research community, need to actively learn and unlearn to be anti-racist and better allies in order to make the field accessible and inclusive.

Nazeefa Fatima

Founder, Sweden’s Computational Biology Organisation

Nazeefa completed her undergraduate with in medical genetics. They did master’s in bioinformatics from Lund University in Sweden. During their studies, Nazeefa moved to Uppsala University for a research project focused towards the use of single-molecule technologies to study human genomes. After completing master’s, they worked for the National Genomics Infrastructure of the SciLifeLab. Nazeefa is the founder of Sweden’s computational biology organization and, together with their team, they work towards organizing networking and training events. Nazeefa and their team are the first to organise careers in computational biology talks and panel discussions in Sweden to highlight women researchers in bioinformatics. Nazeefa is a computational biologist who aspires to contribute to long-read sequencing technology field, as well as contribute to future data management efforts.

Twitter: @_nazeefatima